About Us

Since 1995, The ACME Network (501)(c)(3) has pioneered the use of broadband multi-point videoconferencing and a unique 24/7 interactive online mentoring community to connect working, creative-industry professionals to middle school, high school, and college classrooms in California and across the country. 

ACME uses traditional and computer-generated animation and illustration art training as a vehicle to engage students in learning and instilling 21st century critical thinking and innovation skills that are vital to any career field.

Through the participation of top media/entertainment professionals who are eager to “give back” including leading companies like Disney, Pixar, Sony and DreamWorks, ACME provides students with hands-on mentorship, instruction and constructive feedback at the highest level, using student artworks as the centerpiece of the learning process. 

A key aspect of ACME’s methodology – setting it apart from other mentoring communities — is its “pay it forward” approach to mentoring. Students must offer constructive feedback to their peers in order to earn access to professional mentors. This system establishes a pattern of mutual support and collaboration within a community where the highest standards of performance and professional behavior are embedded in the experience itself – and rewarded!

The Company has received institutional funding from The Ahmanson Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, the Weingart Foundation, the California Emerging Technology Fund, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and other funders. Over the past 5 years (2004-2009), Institutional funding has made up between 41% – 49% of ACME’s revenues. The balance of revenues has come from Program Fees paid by schools, as well as in-kind and other contributions.